What is it and on which pathologies does intervene?
Prosthetic items: the front gig explained by Ban
"A world has opened up to me from a professional point of view!
In recent years we are seeing more and more mouths of patients who, despite their young age, are practically and completely abraded! How can we properly rehabilitate it? Through guaranteed and repeatable programs! We prepare a front gig in order to deprogram the patient's closure and the position of their condyles. Probably after so many years of abrasion the patient will have difficult to get back into a centric position and we can not force him with a movement and bring his condyles in this position.

Our patient will probably has a habitual position, not forced, but usual.Thus, through the position of the front gig and with thermal printed masks inserted in the dental arches, we block this new position with a highly precise resin. With this system, we transfer the patient's new position correctly to the laboratory and the dental articulator so as not to lose any data:
now and in its future work steps!

Obviously, everything is done respecting the correct position and grip of the facial bow which is fundamental for a perfect construction of the prosthetic device ".